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About this catalogue

Welcome to our new catalogue about the movies. No movies, alas, instead books – histories, introductions, monographs of individuals and movies, national movements, business, genres, autobiographies and biographies, cinemas, festivals and screenings, essays and reviews, reference, exhibition catalogues, screenplays, anthologies, novels and a poem; and printed ephemera – posters, programs, press kits, issues of journals, screenings and seasons. Or, a little more dramatically, books and posters about: trash-film, L’Atalante x 3, Iris Barry, Alice Guy Blaché, cinematography, darkness, Anatole Dauman, Jean Epstein, the exalted, fantastic, Paul Fejos, Fish Tank, John Garfield, Charles Hawtrey, The Day of the Locust, Michael Hordern, interlopers, invasion, La Jetée, sound, marginalised, minutiae, Townsville Cinema Group, serials, sources, threats, Lana Turner, Vanguard Films, Les Vampires, Zéro de Conduite and Adolph Zukor.