Some of our favourite publishers

A listing of some of our most popular publishers. Click the publisher's name to view the books we have available by the publisher.

Title Num. Books
Collins First Edition 945
Angus And Robertson First Edition 856
Collins Reprint 631
Macmillan First Edition 525
Heinemann First Edition 482
Hodder And Stoughton First Edition 477
Hutchinson first Edition 415
Oxford University Press First Edition 310
Angus and Robertson reprint 304
Readers Union Reprint 295
Hodder And Stoughton Reprint 281
Book Club Associates Reprint 264
Hamish Hamilton First Edition 264
Cassell First Edition 264
Michael Joseph First Edition 248
Viking First Edition 242
Oxford University Press Reprint 237
Macmillan Reprint 235
Weidenfeld And Nicolson First Edition 226
Heinemann Reprint 214