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Poppy by Murphy, Graeme $35.00



Murphy, Graeme

Science Fantasy by Carnell, John edits $35.00

Science Fantasy


Carnell, John edits

Orphan of the Wilderness by Hall, Ken G. $150.00

Orphan of the Wilderness


Hall, Ken G.

Lie Back and Enjoy It by Sale, David $35.00

Lie Back and Enjoy It


Sale, David

Bizarre by Laclos, Michel edits $35.00



Laclos, Michel edits

The Hidden Bride by Murray, Sheila $15.00

The Hidden Bride


Murray, Sheila

The Phantom of Liberte by Bunuel, Luis $15.00

The Phantom of Liberte


Bunuel, Luis

Reservoir Dogs by Tarantino, Quentin $35.00

Reservoir Dogs


Tarantino, Quentin

Where Men Obey No Law by Bessant, Olive $15.00

Where Men Obey No Law


Bessant, Olive

Jane Campion by Campion, Jane and Helen Garner $45.00

Jane Campion


Campion, Jane and Helen Garner

A Star is Torn by Archer, Robyn $35.00

A Star is Torn


Archer, Robyn

Shorthand definitions Bds = boards B/w = Black & white Col = Colour Dw = Dustwrapper Eps = Endpapers Fxg = Foxing G = Good Hb = Hardback H&T = Head & Tail Illus = Illustrations PP = Pages Sl = Slight Sp = Spine Tp = Top Wr = Wear Vg = Very Good 8vo = Quarto size