Ardennes 1944 by Beevor, Anthony $15.00

Ardennes 1944


Beevor, Anthony

My Father and Myself by Ackerley, J. R. $60.00

My Father and Myself


Ackerley, J. R.

A Legacy by Bedford, Sybille $250.00

A Legacy


Bedford, Sybille

The Spectre of Alexander Wolf by Gazdanov, Gaito $15.00

The Spectre of Alexander Wolf


Gazdanov, Gaito

Music for Chameleons by Capote, Truman $35.00

Music for Chameleons


Capote, Truman

Memoirs by Da Ponte, Lorenzo $15.00



Da Ponte, Lorenzo

The Charioteer by Renault, Mary $800.00

The Charioteer


Renault, Mary

Empire of Liberty by Wood, Gordon S. $35.00

Empire of Liberty


Wood, Gordon S.

The Palace With Several Sides by Stead, Christina $75.00

The Palace With Several Sides


Stead, Christina

Hannibal Rising by Harris, Thomas $35.00

Hannibal Rising


Harris, Thomas

Imaginary Homelands by Rushdie, Salman $125.00

Imaginary Homelands


Rushdie, Salman

Jigsaw by Bedford, Sybille $50.00



Bedford, Sybille

Crimea - the Last Crusade by Figes, Orlando $35.00

Crimea - the Last Crusade


Figes, Orlando

Arctic Summer by Forster, E.M. $15.00

Arctic Summer


Forster, E.M.

Robert Byron by Knox, James $35.00

Robert Byron


Knox, James

This is the ABC by Inglis, Ken $35.00

This is the ABC


Inglis, Ken

The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Augerias, Francois $15.00

The Sorcerer's Apprentice


Augerias, Francois

Tonka and Other Stories by Musil, Robert $250.00

Tonka and Other Stories


Musil, Robert

The Devil Drives by Brodie, Fawn $15.00

The Devil Drives


Brodie, Fawn

After a Funeral by Athill, Diana $125.00

After a Funeral


Athill, Diana

The Bystander by Stow, Randolph $600.00

The Bystander


Stow, Randolph

Bordersnakes by Crumley, James $45.00



Crumley, James

Letters Home by Byron, Robert $35.00

Letters Home


Byron, Robert

Other recently added books

Title Author Publisher Year Price
Empire of Liberty Wood, Gordon S. Oxford University Press. Reprint. 2009 $35.00
The Palace With Several Sides Stead, Christina Officina Brindabella. First Australian edition 1986 $75.00
Hannibal Rising Harris, Thomas Delacorte Press. First American edition. 2006 $35.00
Dostoevsky - a Writer in His Time Frank, Joseph Princeton University Press. First American edition 2010 $35.00
Imaginary Homelands Rushdie, Salman Granta and Penguin. First English edition 1991 $125.00
Jigsaw Bedford, Sybille Hamish Hamilton. First English edition 1989 $50.00
Crimea - the Last Crusade Figes, Orlando Allen Lane. First English edition. 2010 $35.00
Arctic Summer Forster, E.M. Hesperus Press. Reprint. 2005 $15.00
Robert Byron Knox, James John Murray. First English edition 2003 $35.00
This is the ABC Inglis, Ken Melbourne University Press. First Australian edition 1983 $35.00
The Travels And Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen Raspe, Rudolf Erich Melville House. Reissue. 2012 $15.00
The Street Philosopher and the Holy Fool Kociejowski, Marius Sutton Publishing. First English edition 2004 $60.00
The Sorcerer's Apprentice Augerias, Francois Pushkin Press. First English edition. 2001 $15.00
Tonka and Other Stories Musil, Robert Secker and Warburg. First English edition 1965 $250.00
The Devil Drives Brodie, Fawn Eland Books. Reprint. 1986 $15.00
After a Funeral Athill, Diana Jonathan Cape. First English edition 1986 $125.00
The Bystander Stow, Randolph Macdonald. First English edition 1957 $600.00
Bordersnakes Crumley, James HarperCollins. First English edition 1997 $45.00
The Career and Legend of Vasco da Gama Subrahmanyam, Sanjay Cambridge University Press. Reprint. 1997 $25.00
Giving Up the Ghost - a Memoir Mantel, Hilary Fourth Estate. First English edition 2003 $150.00
Letters Home Byron, Robert John Murray. First English edition 1991 $35.00
The Book of Life Kitchin, C.H.B. Valancourt Books. First edition thus 2009 $15.00
Cavafy's Alexandria Keeley, Edmund Princeton University Press. Reprint. 1996 $15.00
The Diary of Elio Schmitz Schmitz, Elio Troubador Publishing. First English edition 2013 $35.00
At Home - a Short History of Private Life Bryson, Bill Doubleday. First American edition. 2010 $35.00
Love in a Bottle Szerb, Antal Pushkin Press. First revised edition 2013 $15.00
Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms Russell, Gerard Simon and Schuster. Reprint. 2014 $15.00
Appaloosa Parker, Robert B. G.P. Putnam's. First American edition 2005 $35.00
The Radetzky March Roth, Joseph Granta. Reprint. 2013 $15.00
The Complete Works of Primo Levi Levi, Primo Liveright. First American edition thus 2015 $150.00
D-Day: the Battle for Normandy Beevor, Anthony Viking. First American edition. 2009 $35.00
Paradise of Cities - Venice in the 19th Century Norwich, John Julius Doubleday. First American edition. 2003 $35.00
A Short History of Nearly Everything Bryson, Bill Doubleday. First English edition 2003 $35.00
Acts of Parliament Souter, Gavin Melbourne University Press. First Australian edition 1988 $35.00
Young Stalin Montefiore, Simon Sebag Alfred A. Knopf. First American edition. 2007 $35.00
Dismissal of a Premier - the Philip Game Papers Foott, Bethia Morgan Publications. First Australian edition 1968 $150.00
Baron in the Trees Calvino, Italo Collins. First English edition 1959 $300.00
The Path to the Nest of Spiders Calvino, Italo Beacon Press. First American edition 1957 $300.00
Hip Hotels Atlas Ypma, Herbert Thames and Hudson. First English edition. 2005 $50.00
Journey to Canberra Clune, Frank Angus and Robertson. First Australian edition 1960 $250.00
Photography and Architecture: 1839-1939. Pare, Richard Canadian Centre for Architecture, 1982 $175.00
Leigh Fermor, Patrick The Violins of Saint-Jacques: a Tale of the Antilles John Murray and Derek Verschoyle. First English edition 1953 $250.00
Culture Warriors - Australian Indigenous Art Triennial Clark, Deborah and Susan Jenkins edit National Gallery of Australia. First Australian edition 2007 $35.00
Pictures of Nothing - Abstract Art Since Pollock Varnedoe, Kirk Princeton University Press and the National Gallery of Art.. First American edition 2006 $35.00
A Double Life Raphael, Frederic Orion. First English edition. 1993 $35.00
Cosmicomics Calvino, Italo Jonathan Cape. First English edition 1969 $300.00
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Rowling, J.K. Bloomsbury. First English edition 2007 $50.00
The Line of Beauty Hollinghurst, Alan Picador. First English edition 2004 $125.00
Grimus Rushdie Salman Victor Gollancz. First English edition. 1975 $300.00
A Wealth of Ideas - Revelations from the Hoover Institution Archives Patenaude, Bertrand M. Stanford University Press. First American edition. 2006 $35.00
Hindoo Holiday - an Indian Journal Ackerley, J.R. Chatto and Windus. Second English edition 1952 $150.00