A Game of War

The first English translation, originally patented in France as 'Jeu de la Guerre', published in Paris in 1987 and accompanied by a hand-crafted table top board and pieces to represent two opposing armies from the northern territory and the southern territory; includes a blow-by-blow commentary on a match between Debord – philosopher, filmmaker, instigator of the Situationist International, author of 'The Society of the Spectacle', and his wife – poet, historian, and theorist Alice Becker-Ho; historical note re this edition by Alice Becker-Ho, preface to the first French edition (1987) by Guy Debord; translated by Donald Nicholson-Smith; Eclectics and Heteroclites #5.

Publisher: Atlas Press. First English edition
Edition: First Edition
Place Published: London
Pictorial wrappers. Fine. Six pieces, each measuring 17 x 21cms., board, counters, ready to play. All fine in slipcase as issued.


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