The Works of Sir Walter Ralegh, Kr

Eight volumes: a complete set, the only extant 'complete works'. There was an OUP project in the '60s, under the auspices of Pierre Lefranc, but it dwindled away.
Title continues, 'Now First Collected to Which are Prefixed the Lives of the Author by Oldys and Birch', and containing: 'The Lives' (volume 1); 'The History of the World' (volumes 2-7) – and 'Miscellaneous Works' (volume 8).

Queen Elizabeth's favourite statesman, as well as soldier, spy, explorer and landed gentleman, Sir Walter Raleigh wrote his 'History of the World' in the Tower of London during his long imprisonment for treason (1603-16).

It is usually believed that Raleigh did not write all of the work himself, but was aided by others. He designed his project as a universal history, that is, a history of the world from the creation to the present day. It is hardly surprising that his grand aim was not completed. King James I, who executed Raleigh in order to placate the Spanish, suppressed the work upon its appearance in public. One reason for the book's suppression may well be its ironical treatment of kingship.
'Tis a sharp remedy, but a sure one for all ills' – last words before his execution from the man who famously made history while he wrote history.

Publisher: Oxford University Press. First English edition
Edition: First Edition
Place Published: Oxford
Full calf, gilt raised bands. Professional repairs and missing part of spine label to vol.1, printed paper labels on spines frail; owner's small printed label in each volume, spots of foxing to prelims. A very good set. The eight volumes

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