Who's Afraid of the Tasmanian Wolf?

Text of a lecture given by the Nobel Prize winner beginning, 'The name Tasmania had an intriguing ring for many a youngster and for me, as well, when I was a young boy living in the deep forests of Shikoku, one of the four main islands of Japan. ... there were quite a few children who had heard of, or knew a little something about, the Tasmanian devil. And I knew something about the Tasmanian wolf, too ...', before moving to the Japanese wolf and on again to Edward Said's analysis of Japan in 'Culture and Imperialism'; translated by Kunioki Yanagishita, Japanese calligraphy by Kazuko Akiba; printed letterpress from Bembo typecast by Michael Bixler and adjusted by the printer's hand – on dampened Somerset Book paper by C.Mikal Oness; one of 399 numbered copies (total edition 440), signed by the author.

Publisher: Rainmaker Editions. First American edition
Edition: First Edition
Place Published: Las Vegas, Nevada
Printed paper covered boards with stamped leather spine. Fine as issued in publisher's clamshell case.

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