The Coast of Utopia

Three volumes: 'Voyage', 'Shipwreck' and 'Salvage', the complete trilogy. Politics, love, betrayal, life under Nicholas I in Russia, 1833-1866. Michael Bakunin, Ivan Turgenev, Vissarion Belinsky, Alexander Herzen, Alexander Pushkin and other artists, agitators and thinkers appear as characters, hoping to change an imperfect world, debating abstract ideas like liberty, democracy, censorship, and revolution, or leading their daily lives, including love triangles, family tensions, and personal tragedy such as Herzen's real life loss of his child Kolya in a shipwreck.
The trilogy has more than 70 characters, performed by around 40 actors, and, to date, has been produced in London, New York, Moscow and Tokyo between 2002 and 2009.

Publisher: Faber and Faber. First English editions
Edition: First Edition
Place Published: London
Fine in matching dustwrappers. The three volumes

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