Limited Edition Pamphlets

Seven volumes, one story per volume: The Monastrey of Sant'Annetta Dei Giardini (#121/200 copies, illustrated by James Hutcheson), The Principles of Tennis (#221/300, Iain McIntosh), Little Piggish (#169/350, Iain McIntosh), Life Amongst the Lion Tamers (#187/400, Iain McIntosh), The Finer Points of Sausages (#203/400, Iain McIntosh), The Great Hat Thief (600 copies, Iain McIntosh), and La's Orchestra Saves the World (1,000 copies, Iain McIntosh); all either signed or inscribed by Alexander McCall Smith.

Publisher: MacLean Dubois Limited
Edition: First Edition
Place Published: Edinburgh
Plain wrappers, stapled. All with a printed label, some illustrated, and all fine. The seven volumes

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