Our Exagmination Round His Factification For Incamination of Work in Progress

The sheets of the second English edition, these a photo-offset reprinting of the original 1929, and a new preface for this edition by Sylvia Beach, ''Our Exag', as it was called is most valuable, indeed indispensable to readers of Finnegans Wake: they would do well to hear what these writers, friends and collaborators of Joyce, followers of his new work as it progressed, have to say on the subject." Apart from Beckett, these writers include Robert McAlmon, Stuart Gilbert, Eugene Jolas, Elliot Paul, William Carlos Williams and John Rodker; and the two letters of protest by G.V. L. Singsby and Vladimir Dixon.

Publisher: New Directions. Second American edition
Edition: 2nd Edition
Place Published: Norfolk, CT
Fine in dustwrapper with a couple of nicks at edges.

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