Ezra Pound His Metric and Poetry

'Here at last is Eliot’s essay. A long time in coming, but he has made an excellent job of it, as I knew he would. No gush. He has been rather clever in the way he sets the critics at each other’s throats. ... It is certainly the most careful study that has been made, and in a way the first one by a competent critic ... Again I must thank you for having the booklet done. I think the close arguing of Eliot’s essay ought to ‘do a deal of good’, and at least choke off the imbeciles. ... I agree fully with you and Knopf, that it should NOT be signed by Eliot, just now when I am booming his work. Also he has written it as an unsigned thing. So there can be no question about that now.' Ezra Pound to John Quinn, 9 September 1917.
First and only printing of T.S. Eliot’s anonymously published second book. Intrigue and collaboration between John Quinn,T.S.Eliot and Ezra Pound, patron and poets, to promote Quinn’s privately printed edition of Lustra, Pound’s poetry in general and Eliot after Prufrock.The bibliography at the rear of the book has been established as Pound’s own work.
Inscribed by John Quinn, 'To Mr. Brock, I am not the author, January 25, 1918.'

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf. First American edition
Edition: First Edition
Place Published: New York
Original red boards, stamped in gilt. Spine sunned, boards darkening. Good. 1,000 copies.

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