More Mere Mortals

Leavesley, Jim

Was Queen Victoria a hypochondriac who summoned her doctor at all hours to listen to her moan about her bowel habits, and what did she ask him to slip into her coffin with her? Why was George Washington obsessed with his ivories and is that why his face is so grim on American currency? And who really has Oliver Cromwell's head? Following on from his successful first book 'Mere Mortals', Jim Leavesley once again puts medical history under the microscope to examine the maladies of the rich and famous.

It was Anton Chekhov, writer and doctor, who said, 'Medicine is my lawful wife and literature my mistress. When I grow weary of one, I pass the night with the other...neither suffers because of my infidelity.' In this book they all suffer.

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Publisher: ABC Books. First Australian edition 2006
Fine in dustwrapper.

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