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About this catalogue

Welcome to our new catalogue. If people’s lives take many forms, imposed by circumstances and events, or the individual’s choices, addictions and ambitions, as well as chance, and sometimes the determination to forge a personal destiny, does it follow that the record of those lives be allowed the same diversity of forms? We invite you to stretch your interpretation of biography to include a book secretly produced for a birthday party, the proceedings of a single night in Chelsea in 1934, one hundred and twenty-three passages each beginning with the same two words, as well as the familiar forms of memoir, autobiography, letters, diaries and journals, biography - critical, authorised and not, comprehensive, impressionistic - or from a mosaic of contributors, as well as those subjects who have successfully disappeared, a smaller group whose illnesses defined them, and others where the individual is presented via a single emotion, mostly friendship, some trusting to memory, one relying on ‘intricate and contradictory detail’, another who, according to her notebooks, “…am me, and I hope to become me more and more” and an influential example where the author’s pursuit of his subject takes over the book.