Translated Literature - Badger Books Catalogue

About this catalogue

Welcome to our new catalogue of what is becoming an annual roundup of translated literature. Novels and collections of stories dominate: from Albania to Turkey and twenty countries in between. You’ll also find: essays, travels, journals, memoirs; dreams collected by an on again off again Surrealist; signed books by a couple of Nobel prize winners; aphorisms; hardboiled French crime; the original, uncompromising text of Pinocchio; foundation texts of Nordic Noir; poetry; a familiarity with the Tasmanian wolf; philosophy; key moments from Leonardo Sciascia’s unauthorised history of Sicily; Jacques Tati’s Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday by Jean-Claude Carrière, one of the more unlikely movie novelisations; the oulipian Penny Borough of Ourselves; and Peter Owen’s own one volume catalogue of translated literature.