Australiana - Badger Books Catalogue

About this catalogue

Welcome to our new catalogue of Australiana. You'll find books, printed ephemera, journals, photographs, movie screenplays and posters documenting Australian Aboriginals, brumbies, red cedar, collecting, cricketers, delicatessens, folklore, jokes, kangaroos, Melbourne, miscegenation, the Nullarbor Plain, O’Reillys, propaganda, recipes, rugby league, spy agencies, songlines, Sydney, Uluru, and windmills; as well as visitors to these shores including Marlene Dietrich, the embassy of the U.S.S.R., Joshua Logan, Nicolas Roeg and Tom Waits; and spectacular copies of books by Jean Devanny, Cynthia Nolan, Ethel Jackson Morris, M.Barnard Eldershaw and Winifred James.