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Other recently added books

Title Author Publisher Year Price
Grace Cossington Smith James, Bruce Craftsman House. First Australian edition 1990 $35.00
The New Oxford Dictionary of English Pearsall, Judy edits Oxford University Press. Reprint 1998 $35.00
The Golden Talking-Shop Pearce, Edward selects, edits and provides a historical narrative Oxford University Press. First English edition 2016 $45.00
This is the Story of a Happy Marriage Patchett, Ann Bloomsbury. First English paperback edition 2013 $15.00
London Fields Amis Martin Jonathan Cape. First English edition 1989 $85.00
'_____ and Other Poets' Untermeyer, Louis Henry Holt. First American edition 1916 $450.00
Philip Larkin - His Life and Work Dyson, Brian with Maeve Brennan and Geoff Weston The Btynmor Jones Library, University College London and the Poetry Society. First English edition 1986 $35.00
An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris Perec, Georges Wakefield Press. Reprint 2010 $35.00
Pound for Pound Toole, F.X. Harvill Secker. First English edition 2006 $15.00
James Joyce - the Years of Growth 1882-1915 Costello, Peter Kyle Cahtie Limited. First English edition 1992 $35.00
Pirates at Play Trefusis, Violet Michael Joseph. Reprint 1950 $35.00
The Coast of Utopia Stoppard, Tom Faber and Faber. First English editions 2002 $175.00
The Film Factory Taylor, Richard and Ian Christie edit Harvard University Press. First American edition 1988 $85.00
William Morris Macarthy, Fiona Alfred A. Knopf. First American edition 1995 $35.00
The Little World of the Past Fogazzaro, Antonio Oxford University Press. First English editions 1962 $35.00
Poppy and Other Poems of Grief and Celebration Nangle, Julian Alyscamps Press. First English edition 2019 $35.00
Sursum Corda! The Collected Letters Lowry, Malcolm University of Toronto Press. First Canadian edition (vol.2) and reprint (vol.1) 1995 $150.00
The Obelisk Press Imprint, 1931-50 Armstrong, James The Book Collector 2002 $15.00
Weimar Culture - the Outsider as Insider Gay, Peter Harper and Row. First American edition 1968 $35.00
Torture Garden Mirbeau, Octave Claude Kendall. First American edition 1931 $350.00
The Films of Jack Chambers Elder, Kathryn edits Cinematheque Ontario and Indiana University Press. First Canadian edition 2002 $35.00
Don Tarquinio Rolfe, Fr. Chatto and Windus. Reprint 1929 $35.00
Smut - Two Unseemly Stories Bennett, Alan Faber and Faber and Profile Books. First English edition 2011 $125.00
First Fruits of Australian Poetry Field, Barron Barn on the Hill 1941 $35.00
Communism in Australia - a Resource Bibliography Symons, Beverley with Andrew Wells and Stuart Macintyre National Library of Australia. First Australian edition 1994 $35.00
Boy On a Chain Parker, Richard Readers Book Club. Reprint $35.00
Dancing in the Dark Knausgaard, Karl Ove Harvill Secker. First English edition 2015 $125.00
Hunger Hamsun, Knut Duckworth. First English edition 1974 $85.00
Some Poems by Paul Klee Klee, Paul Scorpion Press. First English edition 1962 $250.00
Thus Bad Begins Marais, Javier Hamish Hamilton. First English edition 2016 $100.00
Conditions of Faith Miller, Alex Sceptre. First English edition 2000 $60.00
Sydney For Sin Corrigan, Mark Angus and Robertson. First Australian edition 1955 $35.00
Hadrian the Seventh Rolfe, Fr. Chatto and Windus. Reprint 1935 $35.00
The Buried Candelabrum Zweig, Stefan The East and West Library. Reprint 1945 $35.00
The Collaboration - Hollywood's Pact with Hitler Urwand, Ben Harvard University Press. First American edition 2013 $45.00
Inspector Saito's Small Satori Van De Wetering, Jan Willem G.P. Putnam's Sons. First American edition 1985 $60.00
Travels in the Scriptorium Auster, Paul Henry Holt. First American edition 2007 $35.00
Autobiography Zukofsky, Louis Grossman Publishers. First American edition 1970 $35.00
The Body at Madman's Bend Upfield, Arthur Doubleday. First American edition 1963 $85.00
God's Architect - Pugin and the Building of Romantic Britain Hill, Rosemary Penguin. First English paperback edition 2008 $15.00
John Cromwell Davies, Brenda British Film Institute. First English edition 1974 $45.00
Wax Flowers for Gloria Flower, Pat Ure Smith. First Australian edition 1958 $35.00
Les Murray - a Life in Progress Alexander, Peter F. Oxford University Press. First Australian edition 2000 $35.00
When We Were Three Lynes George Platt, Monroe Wheeler and Glenway Westcott Arena Editions. First American edition 1998 $75.00
A Wake for the Still Alive: Peter B. Howard Gertz, Stephen J. edits Booktryst. First American edition 2010 $100.00
Selected Letters Hammett, Dashiell Counterpoint. First American edition 2001 $60.00
Quintana and Friends Dunne, John Gregory E.P. Dutton. First edition 1978 $35.00
Travels with a Tangerine - a Journey in the Footsteps of Ibn Battutah Mackintosh-Smith, Tim Picador. Reprint 2002 $15.00
Lawrence Daws - Recent Paintings Philip Bacon Galleries. First Australian edition 1990 $35.00
Movies Adair, Gilbert edits Penguin Books. First English edition 1999 $15.00
Frankie in Wonderland A Tory E.P. Dutton. First edition 1934 $35.00