Frank Bascombe by Ford, Richard

Frank Bascombe

Ford, Richard

Five volumes. Frank Bascombe, complete to date. 'Frank is Ford’s Everyman, a disenchanted, rueful and humorous witness to his country’s faltering resolve at the close of the American century and the opening of a new and newly menacing millennium. … He recognises the essentially contingent and slippery nature of our being here, and the necessity to manoeuvre our way through the world as best we can.' - John Banville. Comprising the first American and English editions of The Sportswriter, both signed by the author, first American editions of Independence Day, also signed by Ford, The Lay of the Land and Let Me Be Frank With You.

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Publisher: Vintage, Collins Harvill, Alfred A. Knopf, Ecco. First American editions and first English edition 1986-2014
The Sportswriter: American edition, pictorial wrappers, extremities evenly tanned, very good; English edition, top edge dusty, else fine in dustwrapper; the remaining three volumes all fine in dustwrappers. The five volumes

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