Letters, Volumes 1-3 by Joyce, James

Letters, Volumes 1-3

Joyce, James

An Irishman's letters, mostly from abroad. Over 1,500 letters to, among many others, T.S.Eliot, Ben Huebsch, Ezra Pound, Harriet Shaw Weaver, Grant Richards, W.B. Yeats, John Quinn, Sylvia Beach, Lucia Joyce, Adrienne Monnier, Livia Svevo, Nora Barnacle and Stanislaus Joyce. Three volumes: the first is the corrected version of the 1957 edition, the second and third are first editions. Edited by Stuart Gilbert (vol.1) and Richard Ellmann (vols.2 and 3)

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Publisher: Viking Press. First American (vols.2-3) and first corrected (vol.1) editions. 1966
The three volumes very fine in dustwrappers and matching slipcase as issued.

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