The Cat and the Cuckoo

Twenty-eight broadside poems, the complete book, colour illustrations by R.J. Lloyd. The publisher is the poet and artist, 'Ted simply wrote out a possible list of subjects, ... I went away and did my paintings and Ted did his poems. The results were quite uncanny sometimes, as though some mysterious cross fertilisation had taken place' - Reg Lloyd. The publishers planned to sell each set, signed by author and artist, for £450.00 or £20.00 per broadside. The success of their collaboration did not extend to promotion or sale, few were signed or issued. Faber and Faber took over the stock of the book and, fifteen years after Hughes' death, issued their own edition illustrated by Flora McDonnell. This original set is from Ted Hughes' retained stock.

Publisher: [Sunstone Press]
Edition: First Edition
Place Published: [Bideford]
Broadsides measure 30 x 21cms., each, illustrations in a watercolour frame, the poem printed below. All immaculate. 200 copies printed. The twenty-eight broadsides

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