Contemporary Art Appreciation 101 - How to Understand What's Contemporary Art and What's Snot

From the outer reaches of artists' books: the late photographer and conceptual artist's magnum opus and sequel to his earlier How to Become a Famous Contemporary Artist. The textbook for the author’s Online School of Fine Arts containing course outline, fee schedule, FAQs, student orientation lesson, course requirements, details of graduate diploma made on double-ply soft paper; then onto the course in 300+pp., picking jargon apart, identifying self-serving relationships, and containing a combination of inserts – greeting cards, a packet of No Doze, labels, air freshener, condom, merit certificates, DIY snow globe - as well as foldouts, flaps, pop-ups, manipulated and tipped-in images, diversions and breaks between lessons; and analysis of sorts of the work, and market prices, of William Wegman, Dana Hoey, Marina Abramovic, Nobuyoshi Araki, Doris Salcedo, among many others; interspersed with lessons on Performance Art, Biennales, Sex and Nudity and much others. Author’s photograph and details on inside rear cover, with a link to his website (now gone, bits and pieces via Waybackmachine), and wearing his popular “will exchange this book for food t-shirt”.

Publisher: The Artist. First and only edition
Edition: First Edition
Place Published: Boca Raton, FL
Printed wrappers. Tabbed fore-edges, giraffe’s head and tail silk marker laid in. All fine. 400 copies.

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