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The Daily Telegraph Book of Obituaries 1 and 2 and Well-Remebered Friends by Massingberd, Hugh (Telegraph) and Huth, Angela (Well-Remembered) edit

The Daily Telegraph Book of Obituaries 1 and 2 and Well-Remebered Friends

Massingberd, Hugh (Telegraph) and Huth, Angela (Well-Remembered) edit

'Where we all must gather'. Three vols. of obituaries: 100 eccentric lives, then 100 heroes and adventures, both from the English Daily Telegraph, followed by 110 from John Murray selected for both their subject and author: too many to summarise, the former includes (from all three volumes) Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Freya Stark, Diana Cooper, Molly Keane and Dorothy Tutin.

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Publisher: Pan, Macmillan, John Murray. First English paperback and first English editions 1996, 2004
Pictorial wrappers. Fine (Daily Telegraph 1) and the other two vols. both fine in dustwrappers. The three vols.

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