Rusty Bugles by Elliott, Sumner Locke

Rusty Bugles

Elliott, Sumner Locke

A small collection of material relating to the touring production of Rusty Bugles, Sumner Locke Elliott's popular and then controversial play, which had premiered at the Independent Theatre, Sydney in October 1948. The collection contains the program for the production, a modest 4pp., reproducing the author's introduction to the play, 'These boys were the ones who had to fight ANOTHER kind of enemy ... boredom. They groused and complained a lot, but they had reason. They used bad language, like all soldiers, and like all soldiers they sat and dreamed about LEAVE.' Seven b&w stills from the production, 16.5 x 22cms., (a couple numbered on reverse), 5 publicity prints of actors in the production, 24 x 19cms., (these labelled on reverse), one print of an an illustrated mock alphabet of soldiers forming the letters of the title, 14.5 x 22cms; and, separate to this production, four b&w stills from Kenn Brodziak touring production, c.1949, 21 x 25.5cms.

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Publisher: c.1952
Program is a single sheet, 22.5 x 36cms., folded once to make 4pp. and printed both sides; the prints have pinholes in the corners, a couple have tears on the corners. Overall very good. The 18 items

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