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Miss New Zealand Acts by

Miss New Zealand Acts

Promotional sepia print of Dale Austen in costume for her role in The Bushranger, a Tim McCoy vehicle from 1928. Typed on reverse, 'Dale Austen Miss New Zealand in her role in Tim McCoy's new Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture 'The Bushranger'' Ms. Austen had won the second Miss New Zealand contest in 1927. The prize for that year included two first class fares for self and chaperone from New Zealand to Los Angeles and return: (£225), studio engagement with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Incorporated, for the duration of a feature film, at £25 a week (£275), pocket money (£100), wardrobe (£150) and chaperone’s allowance (£150), total £900. IMDB lists The Bushranger and The Bush Cinderella, both 1928, as Ms Austen's two movies ... but from Otago to Hollywood in 1928, imagine. And, her chaperone?

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Publisher: Metro Goldwyn Mayer 1928
Print measures 25 x 18cms. MGM reference no. noted discreetly in bottom left corner, else fine.

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