Tarots - the Visconti Pack in Bergamo and New York by Calvino, Italo and Sergio Samek Ludovici

Tarots - the Visconti Pack in Bergamo and New York

Contains Calvino's The Castle of Crossed Destinies, in an uncredited and different translation to William Weaver's that was published the following year in the United America, side by side with 61 tipped-in colour reproductions of the surviving cards and a tipped-in plate of a 15th century image of The Game of Tarot; followed by Ludovici's essay on, and census of, the surviving Visconti Tarots. #1662/3000 numbered copies signed by the publisher, printed on grey handmade paper.

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Publisher: Franco Maria Ricci. First edition 1975
Original black cloth, stamped in gold and with two vignettes of the cards tipped to the front cover. Slight bump to base of spine, else fine in decorated box as issued.

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