Confessions of Zeno by Svevo, Italo

Confessions of Zeno

Svevo, Italo

"For all my efforts I achieved the result of that marksman who hit the bullseye, but of the target next to his." Zeno Cosini on his courtship of three of the four Malfenti sisters. And "... a great part of my own head had been usurped by my forehead." Zeno on on his baldness.
First published by the author in 1923, this English translation by Beryl De Zoete seven years later, a second translation by William Weaver seventy years after that; and whose narrator – the charming, neurotic, prescient and faithfully unreliable Zeno Cosini – continues to gather admirers.

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Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf. First American edition 1930
Fine in dustwrapper with some professional repair along the top edge of the front panel.

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